Colopy Ventures

Building and Investing in Raleigh-Durham Startups


Colopy Ventures invests in early stage software startups in the Raleigh-Durham area. Here are some of that startups that I have recently invested in.

  • Pugbee
    Think of Pugbee as the “Slack for Files and Listservs.” That doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but we’re excited with how its evolving. Also, the name evokes images of pugs in bee costumes, so that’s good. Try it for yourself at
  • Spiffy
    Almost twenty-five years ago Jeff Bezos started an online bookstore that is now a technological juggernaut, upturning everything from retail to computing. Now, Scot Wingo is rethinking car washes and routine auto maintenance with similar ambitions. If you are curious about the  “on-demand economy” or you need a car wash, check out Spiffy.
  • EmployUs
    Recruiting people is hard and the best employees often from current ones. EmployUs is making it easy for large companies to realize this on scale with their enterprise SaaS platform. Check out EmployUs.
  • Lumedica
    Eyes. Lasers. Disrupting the market for expensive ophthalmologist equipment. This one is a little different than our typical investment but the story is very compelling. Check out Lumedica.