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Top 40 Under 40 + Best Customer Service Team

Bronto is on the move and we’ve won some notable awards lately. Here’s a rundown:
Earlier this month Karalyn and I went to the awards ceremony for the Triangle Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40. The event was good and like a very big wedding. In presenting the awards, the announcer ran through a short bio of the awardee while their theme song played. I chose “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin. It was awesome.
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More importantly, Bronto was announced as a Stevie Award finalist for the Best Customer Service Team. At Bronto, we really pride ourselves in the high level of service that we give our clients so I am really thrilled to see this recognized. Big kudos to the entire Bronto Client Services Team for making it happen!!
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One thought on “Top 40 Under 40 + Best Customer Service Team

  1. I would have gone with Europe’s “The Final Countdown”, but that’s just me…
    Congrats on the distinctions.

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