Last Saturday I ran the Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon. The race was well organized and the weather was good, but personally I can’t say it was one of my better running days.
Somehow I knew that it was going to be rough from the beginning. My registration was misplaced and I was a bit late so I was very rushed in getting to the starting line. After that, the first five miles were ok but afterwards my pace dropped significantly and I wasn’t feeling well. Of course, the main challenge was that I pulled a muscle about a month ago and it was starting to act up. It also might be sciatica — not sure. In order to help it heal, I ran a lot less in the weeks leading up the race — a necessary but lose-lose tradeoff.

In the end, I finished in a little over two hours — far from breaking any records and about 20 minutes longer than what I ran the my last half marathon five years ago. I’m regretting that I should have stayed on place and run the Crystal Coast Half Marathon a month earlier, before my leg took a turn for the worse. Of well — perhaps I’ll give it another go with my hometown Akron Half Marathon this fall.

Of course, I tracked my running patterns since the beginning of the year. Here they are:

Training Graph for Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon