A couple of weeks ago, a woman approached my wife in the fruit section of Whole Foods and asked if she would like to be in a video. Strange? Normally — yes, but my wife is 8 months pregnant and the woman is producing a training video for a clinical trial for a drug designed to prevent pre-term labor. So, in this case, it oddly made sense. My wife agreed to participate and roped me in too. We went to the filming this morning and were the stars of the video– at least she was. Although we had no real dialogue, over 5 or so hours, we meticulously went through the different scenes of checking into a doctor’s office, walking down a hall, taking a pill (which as really an Altoid … movie magic!), being explained consent forms, etc. It was fun and gave some small insight in how much time it really takes to put together a video.

The weirdest part of the morning was when one of the actors asked if I had any connection with Bronto Software. I said, “Yes — I have a lot of connection with Bronto.” Oddly, it ended up that the inquirer is Bronto’s health benefits consultant that we’ve been using for the last year or so. She played a nurse and did a pretty good job.

For some of the scenes, I wore my black belt with my signature Brontosaurus belt buckle. Of course!


Update … six months later the video was released. Here it is. Enjoy!